Vision & MissionOur Vision & Mission

The school must ensure that the students develop skills to become:

1. Independent with confidence.

2. Active with openess, curiosity, energy drive and ability to solve problems.

3. Creative and be fexible, open however, must develop a plan in position.

4. Emotional and learn to translate signals.

5. Be sensitive.

6. Reflective and have a good general view of events and trends in society.

7. Acquiring knowledge and skill for future, for a better future.

8. Must strive to become a better individual.

This means that we as an institute :

1.Respect each student as an individual.

2.Help each student to develop as a person.

3.Get the student to see completeness and connection in the process of learning.

4.Give the student within the limits of the curriculum, the freedom to choose.

5.Give basic understanding of every form of life.

6. Practice democracy in all situations.

7. Make teaching more instructive.